The bridge between IBM Notes and Microsoft Outlook during a transition and in coexistence

In situations where both IBM Notes and Microsoft Outlook are used simultaneously due to migrations, mergers or permanent coexistence, the holistic outlook bridge is an ideal solution.

The embedded email functionality in IBM Notes applications is lost when IBM Notes users migrate to Microsoft Outlook. The holistic outlook bridge resolves this problem and ensures that email functionality is maintained in direct use with Microsoft Outlook.

holistic outlook bridge provides the following functionality:

  • Check whether IBM Notes or Microsoft Outlook is used
  • Basic email functions of an IBM Notes application (like forwarding, reply, new mail) are executed when Outlook is running
  • Copied IBM Notes links (data base, view and document) are inserted in Microsoft Outlook email as hyperlinks
  • Enable a Microsoft Outlook folder to be opened in IBM Notes applications
  • Copy Microsoft Outlook emails to IBM Notes applications





holistic connections toolbox
  • Extend and optimize IBM Connections using tools by holistic-net.
    • Is your company using IBM Connections for collaboration, communication and information sharing?
    • Do you want to get the most out of the software, continuously improve your workflows and ensure the best possible knowledge transfer for your team (and project work)?
    • Are you constantly changing and adapting the platform to the needs of your employees and the development of your company?

    Using the products of holistic-net GmbH you can achieve all of the above. Optimize your use of IBM Connections now!

    holistic connections toolbox – Flyer

hc2e_100x100Export content from selected IBM Connections communities

holistic connections content export provides
functions for exporting content from IBM Connections Communities by using various, user defined selectors, e.g.:

  • all available communities
  • specific communities
  • communities a certain person
  • is member/owner of
  • communities with a specific tag

The content is exported as static HTML including images and attachments. Standard security measures are mantained as user credentials are used!
Use cases:

  • Creating archives of personal communities
  • Browse communities offline using a fast and clear navigation
  • Make communities available offline for internal uses
  • And much more

holistic connections content export – Flyer

Product-Video:     hc²e Preview

Advanced community content maintenance via mailing in IBM Connections

The holistic connections mail service allows IBM Connections communities to receive mail.

The mail text is used to create a blog entry and files are stored in the community app “Files” and linked in the blog entry.

Providing information to members of an IBM Connections community is fast and easy.

holistic connections mail service – Flyer

Product-Video:     hcms Preview

hcfc_100x100Manage who and what you follow in IBM Connections!

The holistic connections following center offers a
comfortable overview of everything and everyone you
follow and can serve as an excellent navigational aide
for IBM Connections, as …

… different sorting options enable you to efficiently find content.
… old items can be removed quickly and simply from your following list.
… content can be opened directly in IBM Connections.

holistic connections following center – Flyer

Product-Video:     hcfc Preview



Administration over the complete company-wide application environment

holistic application management (ham) is the perfect tool for the following tasks:

  • Use this tool with our support for creating assessments to use as a foundation for a data migration.
  • Administrate and configure your entire company wide Domino / Notes application environment quickly, efficiently, cheaply, and transparently.
  • Automatically calculate your IT costs and link them with cost calculations .

holistic application management combines an application’s technical data, which is periodically and dynamically imported, with meta data, which is partially generated automatically and partially inputted manually. This information can be made available to many target groups in a company wide information portal.

Nested Groups and Access Rights were never so transparent

holistic access & group check feeds necessary data into memory and works based on the memory data. As a result, a log document per application is created for each user/group, in which the “effective access” and the definition base for this access in the ACL are shown.

holistic access check

Output tool for researching the access rights of groups, people and certifier across all applications.

holistic group check

Agent set for researching miscellaneous group problems in N & A, representation of complex groups, finding people without person documents, search for failures of the AdminP and much more.

It's best if the user doesn't notice anything

holistic desktop process covers a great deal of administrative tasks concerning the Notes client desktop during the course of updates, migrations, consolidations, and similar processes.

The holistic desktop process can be triggered in different ways and covers mailing modifications and the application environment.

In standard environments the modifications  performed relate to the Notes.ini, DESKTOP. *, bookmark.nsf and the personal address book.

In projects, the product will be adapted or supplemented to customer-specific requirements.

Logging allows convenient monitoring of the migration process and provides installation details.

Design Problems: The Hunt Continues - or does it?

holistic design scan is used for scanning, analyzing and evaluating large amounts of Notes applications in a continuous highly efficient process.

The tool can :

  • Locate critical features in the database design based on regular expressions
  • Represent correlations in the design of various applications
  • Define and quantify necessary design changes in applications before change processes occur.

holistic client info collection

In preparation for projects which affect the companies infrastructure, certain questions must be answered which most companies cannot easily answer: e.g.

  • Which IBM Notes client releases are used?
  • Which operating systems and versions are used?
  • What IBM Notes relevant Hardware is being used ? (CPU, RAM, Harddisk)
  • Which devices are being used to access IBM Notes?

Project Management teams need the answers to these questions before IBM Notes Infrastructure Projects can begin.  The answers to these questions may need to be answered generally or globally.

holistic client info collection delivers the necessary information from as many users as needed to a IBM Notes database. A simple button is sent to selected users via Email.  Since these emails are sent by the application, it is possible to see which of the selected users have delivered the needed information.

The little uncomplicated helper for searching log files

holistic log file check is a small smart tool which in certain cases can make the use of large powerful Domino monitoring tools superfluous.

  • The Domino Server Log contains a flood of messages which, in practice, makes it hard to single out single bits of needed information. Special messages which are logged by application are often incorrectly interpreted by Admins.
  • The specific application owner or the responsible developer often does not have access to the server log, or it is inefficient to manually
    search the log for specific messages.
  • The holistic server log check maintains any number of configured searches in the LOG.NSF or other databases for strings (text).
  • the following parameters are defined:
    – Source database and server
    – String (text) to search for with simple And/Or/And-Not boolean-search options
    – Receiver of notifications including a DocLink
    – Time frame of the search
    – Enable/Disable
  • The search is made as efficient as possible by increasing the search incrementally. Documents that were already searched are not searched again thus limiting the data that needs to be parsed.
  • The concept of the tool is generic. It is generally possible to define any search in other databases which possesses a similar character to the LOG.NSF.