Service Portfolio

Aligned with market requirements for the present, prepared for the future – We feel the service portfolio of an IT company must present a healthy mixture between established services and vision. In this sense, social business is the sector which will thrive in the future. Of course our classic business areas, infrastructure services and application development, are not static.  Both fields seeing a great deal of innovation!

Mobile and Cloud –  The growing use of mobile devices and the push to move information into the cloud are factors that should not be overlooked before any infrastructure project or application development in 2016. This is not a decision that we leave the customer alone with!  With our advice, our customers have the ability to reach a decision that will best serve there needs now, and in the future!


holistic-net has extensive experience with large industrial customers with the technical conception, installation, introduction, and operation of IBM Connections.


The focus of our infrastructure services is in the area of messaging and collaboration.

Whether a cloud or a hybrid solution, we have the competency to make sure that our customers have what they need.

Assessments, migrations, and coexistence – we have the experience and tools to conduct these projects effectively and efficiently.


Platform diversity – Every application framework has advantages and disadvantages. The decision to use a particular framework must be reached  by taking into account how well each platform can solve the issue at hand as well as what fits the customers wishes and needs. holistic-net offers the competence to advise and execute projects with many platforms.

Social Business

Social Networking: Market Perspective – Social business has been an IT innovation topic these past few years and is going to stay in the next few years to come. The market penetration for internal Social business software is continuing to increase. The successful implementation of these tools is a key factor in competing in the market. To that end, a holistic approach is paramount.  Communication, organisation, technology, and economy – everything needs to fit.

Product and Project Experience -as an IBM Premium Partner, holistic-net helped introduce IBM Connections to the market.  Since then, holistic-net has gathered extensive experience with the technical conception, installation, introduction, and operation of IBM Connections in large industrial companies.  We know what works, how it works, which measures need to be taken to be successful, as well as what can endanger and derail the entire process. Our experience is just as extensive in the Microsoft world with technologies such as SharePoint and Lync.

Social Business Life – Only those with a social business life should talk social business.  We have an complete installation of both the IBM technologies and the Microsoft technologies.  By defining separate uses for both platforms, we are able to live in both worlds. Externally, we are just as active in the current platforms. Furthermore, the blog is our social networking channel to the outside world. (Mostly available in German only)

Infrastructure Sevices

Messaging & Collaboration – The focal point of our infrastructure services in the area of Messaging and Collaboration. We have excellent experience with the installation and administration of infrastructures built on Notes/Domino of any size.  Due to the changes in the marketplace, we have gathered similar experiences and knowledge in the last three years with Outlook/Exchange. One of our special skills is the Migration of email platforms including the construction of new target platforms. Other products which fall into this category are IBM: Connections, Sametime, Traveler, … Microsoft: SharePoint, Lync, … A further speciality that we have to offer is the execution of Assessments in preparation from large infrastructure changes such as switching email platforms.

Cloud, Hybrid, Co-existence Solutions – The dynamic marketplace, especially in the area of messaging and collaboration, leads to complex infrastructures, whether temporary or permanent.  Furthermore, the trend to move to the cloud (IBM SmartCloud or Microsoft Office365) cannot be overlooked. Nevertheless, some companies are not yet ready to make the switch and take their data to the cloud. Often, a hybrid solution is preferred. Switching email platforms can lead to a situation where multiple systems need to exist together. This situation may be a temporary solution until the switch is complete, but can also last over years.  Additionally, the need for such a similar solution could come as a result of a merger or acquisition.

The Right Tool for the Right Job: Assessments, Migrations, and Coexistence – Excellent tools are paramount when assessments and migrations are to be performed efficiently. holistic application management (ham) is the ideal tool for assessing Notes / Domino mail and application environments. Furthermore, with the holistic design scan (hds), it is possible to  test how migrations will impact existing applications. For migrations and coexistence, we use tools from Dell/Quest, Notes Migrator for Exchange (NME) and Coexistence Manager Notes (CMN).

Application Development

Platform Diversity – Every application framework has its advantages and disadvantages. The decision to use a particular framework must be made by taking into account how the requirements for a particular project can be most efficiently realized as how the conditions can best be met for the customer. holistic-net offers development skills for many platforms.

Notes/Domino – We possess extensive experience developing applications with Notes/Domino. This includes building applications with the XPage framework. holistic-net has developed a myriad of Notes applications in every level of complexity for customers of every size.

Java/Eclipse – Java frameworks are by holistic-net in large customer projects as well as in product development. In many projects, customers also define that these frameworks be used. Examples of projects completed by holistic-net include recruiting portals, document management programs for quality management, holistic connections toolbox and holistic smart café.

.NET – SharePoint projects very quickly lead to the need for .NET development skills.  We offer exactly these skills.  A public exemplification of our .NET skills is our Ligatipp.

Sometimes, it just has to go deeper – The young generation of developers work primarily with frameworks.  The work no longer is with tediously coding line by line, but rather with using the abstraction provided by libraries, the knowledge of what a framework can do, and work with comfortable IDEs which have intelligent code completion capabilities. Sometimes, frameworks just do not cut it and do not offer the power that is actually needed. In those cases, old fashioned C programming skills are necessary. At holistic-net, we have those old masters once sought for such projects and, if necessary,  we can go to assembler!