holistic connections toolbox
  • Extend and optimize HCL Connections using tools by holistic-net.
    • Is your company using HCL Connections for collaboration, communication and information sharing?
    • Do you want to get the most out of the software, continuously improve your workflows and ensure the best possible knowledge transfer for your team (and project work)?
    • Are you constantly changing and adapting the platform to the needs of your employees and the development of your company?

    Using the products of holistic-net GmbH you can achieve all of the above. Optimize your use of HCL Connections now!

hc2e_100x100Export content from selected HCL Connections communities

holistic connections content export provides
functions for exporting content from HCL Connections Communities by using various, user defined selectors, e.g.:

  • all available communities
  • specific communities
  • communities a certain person
  • is member/owner of
  • communities with a specific tag

The content is exported as static HTML including images and attachments. Standard security measures are mantained as user credentials are used!
Use cases:

  • Creating archives of personal communities
  • Browse communities offline using a fast and clear navigation
  • Make communities available offline for internal uses
  • And much more

holistic connections content export – Flyer

Product-Video: hc²e Preview

hcfc_100x100Manage who and what you follow in HCL Connections!

The holistic connections following center offers a
comfortable overview of everything and everyone you
follow and can serve as an excellent navigational aide
for HCL Connections, as …

… different sorting options enable you to efficiently find content.
… old items can be removed quickly and simply from your following list.
… content can be opened directly in HCL Connections.

holistic connections following center – Flyer

Product-Video: hcfc Preview